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Eye Cosmetics

Eye cosmetics must meet safety requirements regulated by Health Canada, but part of the responsibility of ensuring eye safety rests

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Alzheimer’s Disease and the Eyes

WHAT IS ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE? Alzheimer’s disease destroys brain cells, which affects an individual’s memory, behaviour, physical abilities and thinking skills. 

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Seasonal Allergies

WHAT CAUSES SEASONAL ALLERGIES? Seasonal allergies are caused by specific allergens such as ragweed, grass or tree pollen.  When these

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Bell’s Palsy and the Eyes

WHAT IS BELL’S PALSY? Bell’s palsy results from the paralysis of the facial nerve.  It usually only affects one side

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Colour Deficiency

WHAT IS COLOUR DEFICIENCY? Colour deficiency occurs when your ability to distinguish colours and shades is different than normal.  The

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Sun & UV Exposure

ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION (UV) Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is an invisible component of sunlight, most commonly known to cause sunburns and skin

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Fall Prevention – Seniors

When seniors lose their ability to see – either suddenly or over time – it deeply alters their ability to

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Fall Prevention – Children

When a child falls or hurts themselves on the playground, we tend to point the finger at clumsiness or a

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The Effects of Smoking on Your Eyes

It’s no secret smoking can cause serious damage to various organs in your body, but did you know that smoking

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