Digital retinal imaging is an important tool in the preservation of eye health.  It is a sophisticated form of screening that provides a highly detailed look at tissue inside the eye.  This imaging allows us to diagnose numerous vision problems as well as other health problems, including cancer and high blood pressure.  Conditions such as hypertension and retinal melanoma may appear first inside the eye, giving patients the opportunity to pursue treatment when these problems are most manageable.  Here at Kniaziew Optometry our Optometrists will us this technology to precisely identify any concerns or problems with the retina.

The retina is located near the back of the eye and is essential for healthy vision.  Our imaging technology allows us to take a high-resolution digital picture of the retina for evaluation.  Establishing a baseline of wellness allows us to track changes to the retina over time and detect problems before they reach a serious stage.


Imaging is an important part of screening for macular degeneration, retinal holes and detachments, and other problems affecting the retina, such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.  A high-quality retinal image lets us get a clear look at a patient’s retina in order to gauge its health.  Many retinal problems can be treated successfully when detected early.


Taking a digital image of your retina is a quick and painless process.  While Optometrists have had the technology to look at the retina for many years, no reliable form of imaging existed until fairly recently.  Today it is possible to create an image of the retina that can be studied and referred to even when the patient is not present.  Keeping this image in a patient’s medical file will help us track changes to the tissue and diagnose problems.